People need your support more than ever.

Now's the time to think outside the box, find opportunities to pivot your business, and help your clients in new ways.

  • Start With The Basics

    We’ll start with a brief overview of the telehealth platforms out there and how to integrate them with your website in an effective way.

  • Get Clear On Your Message

    Then we’ll take a deep dive into developing your marketing messages - with lots of examples to help you speak to your niche!

  • Set Yourself Up For Success

    Finally, we’ll go into the tactics - some really specific and practical things you can do, along with some templates you can use, to help you move forward quickly.

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From Instructor, Whitney Bateson

What You'll Learn

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  • 1

    Getting Started: Choosing a Platform, Creating Packages, and Launching on Your Website

    • Pre-Course Survey

    • Class 1: Video Lesson

    • Take Action!

    • Handout: Integrating Your Telehealth Offerings Into Your Website

  • 2

    Getting Clear on Your Customer and Developing Your Messaging

    • Class 2 Video Lesson

    • Take Action!

  • 3

    Marketing Your Practice and Transitioning Existing Clients

    • Class 3: Video Lesson

    • Take Action!

    • Bonus! A Month of Social Media Content Ideas to Promote Your Telehealth Offerings

    • Bonus! Email Templates To Announce Your Transition to Telehealth & Get Client Buy-In

    • Bonus! Social Media Content Planning Template

  • 4

    Live Q&A Sessions May 20th and June 3rd

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  • 5

    We Value Your Feedback!

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Bonus material

The cherry-on-top that makes learning even more fun!

  • Social Media Tools

    Struggling with your social media strategy? We've included a free content strategy grid (specific to telehealth!) that gives you a month's worth of content ideas to get your clients and followers excited about going virtual!

  • Valuable Savings!

    Loved the course and want to dive deeper into your marketing strategy? We love that! So much, in fact, that we're applying the cost of this course to any future purchase of our website or marketing packages!

  • Time-Saving Templates

    We know it can be difficult to find the right words - so we're doing it for you with our free client email templates! Included: (1) Explaining the transition to telehealth (2) Highlighting benefits and client success stories.

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Meet Your Instructor

Owner, Whitney Bateson Digital Strategy

Whitney Bateson

Hi, I'm Whitney, a dietitian-turned-digital marketer, on a mission to help health and nutrition entrepreneurs connect with their customers and confidently grow their businesses. My team and I have launched over 20 website design projects and consulted for numerous businesses and dietitian entrepreneurs on ways to improve their marketing strategies. I love teaching and training others, and like to think I make marketing and technology fun to learn about!

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